1961 CoffeeHead Moving Towards Supporting Australian Made Local Products

1961 CoffeeHead in moving towards supporting Australian Made Local products and business’ that resonate with our revised ethos, we would like to introduce you to Indigiearth from Mudgee NSW! 

Indigiearth source Native Australian ingredients from those who used traditional land management practises that respect the land. 

Founded by single mother, Sharon Winsor, born from an Aboriginal mother and a white Australian father, Sharon went through many challenging times. Rising from her darkest times, in 1996, Sharon used her extensive culinary knowledge to set up a catering business and Indigiearth from ground up. 

Sharon affirms “Indigiearth is more than just a business. It’s my healing, my passion and runs deep within my soul”. In 2013 Sharon won NSW Business Leader of the Year - first Aboriginal recipient. 

We are proud to support Indigiearth and to begin our Indigiearth journey, we have stocked up with a small number, yet essential products. We have a range of hand sanitiser and luxury hand made soap, made with Australian native essential oils and natural native botanicals. We also have native jams and chutneys, harvested from the wild and hand picked. The real taste of the bush.

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SURPRISE YOUR MOTHER with something exciting from 1961Coffeehead Kitchen. 

Delivered on Mother’s Day! PRE ORDER by FRIDAY MAY 8, 1 PM.

We have a range of Gift Boxes and Chef prepared MOTHER’S DAY BOXED TAKE HOME SPECIALS - for TWO!

💗 Special 1. $50

Baker’s Mistress

Croissants, smoked salmon, crème fraiche, house made jam, butter, house baked toast, sliced cheese, ham, strawberries & freshly squeezed orange juice

💗 Special 2. $50

Smashed Avo Mama

Smashed avocado, home baked toast, Persian feta, trussed tomato, charred lemon, special condiment sprinkle

💗 Special 3. $65

Love from the Sea

Crispy skin Atlantic salmon, braised honey & mint baby carrots, pearl barley, cous cous, dried cranberries, toasted almonds, asparagus, mustard & paprika hollandaise

💗 Special 4 $65

Love from the CH Kids

Braised Lamb shanks cooked in red wine reduction, pesto gnocchi, garlic confit, eggplant cavier, green lentil salsa, wood fire oven made crusty bread

Add a matched bottle of wine or bubbly for $15. 

All accompanied with a small posey of flowers.

👉🏽 PRE ORDERS ONLY by Friday May 8 by 1 pm. Free delivery on Sunday 4kms from 8am-11am. 

🚗 Call 03 9882 6441 to place your order.. 🙏🏼

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The 1961CoffeeHead Team:
Ash, Shiroma, Christina, Sean, Roman, Rishi, Benji, Jeremy


The 1961 CoffeeHead Team were thrilled to have been invited to partake in Artist and Photographer Sanjeev Singh's thought provoking project 'House Bound - A Portrait Project in Isolation'. 

With the need to keep creativity alive, Sanjeev decided to photograph from a distance, individuals, couples, families and business families like us, in portraits that tell a story of how they are living it up while in isolation and quarantine hoping to capture a pivotal moment in history. It's anticipated this series will move onto an exhibition and an eventual book. We wish Sanjeev all the best as always. Thank you for inviting us and allowing us to have a day to dress up, pose like rock stars, socially connect, laugh and feel uplifted. 

The portraits will be accompanied by captions written by Shiroma as follows. 

“There's a quote circulating about how the hospitality industry is like the ‘band that kept playing while the Titanic sank’. That's definitely how we feel with the CoffeeHead family.

The majority of our regular, loyal customers have left to self-isolate and work from home. The weekend brunch crowd with their gurgling babies, playful children, loving partners, and grandparents, who the team loved to serve, can no longer come. As a family business, we've been forced to reduce our team to the bare minimum, relying on take away coffees, retail and take home meals to keep barely afloat.

We feel the impact of the pandemic severely and it's been devastating. How do we keep what's left of your team motivated and positive, when your livelihood and the place of work your team relied on has been pulled out from under you?

My husband Ash and I are determined to survive by continuing to stay positive, adapting to change, keeping the family close, updated, connected and making them know that they're not alone. We’ve also changed our business model in order to support local industry first, to hopefully contribute in their way to help make a more meaningful economy from the carnage that's befallen hospitality.

We remind the team that through hard times one's strengths, humanity, and the bigger picture can be revealed. What we do is more than a business, it's our passion and life. We are not quitters; we will continue to play the music and will fight against sinking unlike the Titanic.” 

Please check out ‘House Bound - A Portrait Project in Isolation’ to find out more poignant stories and how you can get involved and support this timely project. 

Photos courtesy of Sanjeev Singh


"House Bound - A Portrait Project in Isolation" Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/housebound2020/

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As we continue with social distancing and staying home, as the new norm, we at 1961CoffeeHead would like to THANK YOU all, for taking advantage of the healthy TAKE OUT and TAKE HOME options so far. Hope you've been enjoying 'dining in' with some of the CLASSICS, that our Chef has especially prepared for you. 

Just reminding you all again, that you can order directly by calling the Cafe on 9882 6441 or Ash on 0412 949 068. Pick up at 9 AM to 2 PM and FREE DELIVERY (minimum order $30 within 4 kms) between 11 AM till 2 PM. We are also thrilled to share with you all, that starting this WEDNESDAY APRIL 1, our EVENING DELIVERY/ PICK UP service will begin. You can enjoy our WOOD FIRE PIZZA, as well as the current TAKE AWAY MENU, in the comfort of your homes. 

Thank you again for your continued support and stay safe. Together we will make it to the other side.

From all of us at 1961COFFEEHEAD



We thank you all for supporting 1961CoffeeHead with our take out and take home options. We are here to serve all our front line workers, as well as people who are still working in essential services and will deliver to most of you who are homebound. 

We are also strictly following the official health and workplace advice provided by the Australian Department of Health and Victorian Health to protect our team, customers, suppliers and wider community. These measures include:

1. Minimising the number of people congregating and waiting for their order. 

2. Practising and encouraging social distancing of being 1.5 meters apart. 

3. Washing of hands on a regular basis and disinfecting of service areas. 

4. Continuing safe handling of food by wearing protective gloves and masks where appropriate. 

5. Regular sanitisation through out day of commonly handled objects like door handles, EFTPOS machines, menus on display and similar. 

We will continue to monitor the situation and Government advise and update you with any developments, sharing any change with you via social media and our website. Until advised we will continue to provide you with our fabulous coffee and ever evolving take away delivery menu. We encourage everyone to continue to support their favourite restaurants who are trying to survive through take away and delivery options as our industry goes through this incredibly hard time. Where possible please order directly by calling the cafe on 9882 6441 or Ash on 0412 949 068

Thank you again for your continued support and stay safe. Together we will make it to the other side.

From all of us at 1961COFFEEHEAD




We at 1961Coffeehead are taking measures to protect the health and safety of our staff and customers regarding COVID19. Please know that we've stepped up our hygiene and cleaning standards and are constantly monitoring the health authorities call to action. We are also adapting to the current situation by creating a limited menu of our most popular dishes and introducing a few Take Away/ Take Home options. Also, your favourite freshly roasted speciality coffee is stocked up on our shelves or available online at https://1961coffee.com.au/collections/all-coffee-products. Stay well and keep safe. 



 In the pretty, leafy suburb of Camberwell, CoffeeHead is an old warehouse space, converted into a retro cafe pizzeria, where specialty house roasted coffee, good food, great wood fire pizza, comfort and friendly service are number one. Commonly referred to as a hidden gem, the space houses industrial workbenches and recycled tables, on black-and-white chequered tiles and a foosball table for friendly games. Walls hung with neon retro posters and quirky in vibe, the super cool, friendly staff, welcomes everyone entering its playground.    






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